martes, 27 de noviembre de 2012

Common mistakes in English

Here are some common mistakes students sometimes make when learning English. So study up below to improve your language skills if you are ESL.

It's seven twenty o'clock.
It's seven twenty.

Your coat is broken.
Correct:Your coat is torn.

Susan didn't make a fault anyway.
Correct:Susan didn't make a mistake anyway.

Would you mind posting this letter for me ? Yes, certainly.
Correct:Would you mind mailing this letter for me ? Of course not. OR( Not at all )

He becomes better.
Correct:He got  better.

We'll have a hearing test tomorrow.
Correct:We'll have a listening test tomorow.

I recommend you to take a long vacation.
Correct:I recommend that you take a long vacation.

The last bus leaves at eleven o'clock. It's about eleven now, Hurry up!
Correct:The last bus leaves at eleven o'clock. It's nearly ( almost ) eleven now, Hurry up!

It was still bright outside.
Correct:It was still light outside. 

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